Welcome to Pinnacle Capital Management

Founded in 2006, Pinnacle Capital Management, or “PCM” is an SEC-registered Investment Advisor. PCM is based in East Syracuse, New York, with representatives in the Greater Boston and Wilmington, NC areas. PCM is part of the Syracuse-based Pinnacle Family of Companies that collectively oversees over $2 billion of client assets through its Financial and Employee Services entities. For more information on our member companies, visit PinnacleHoldingCo.com.

About PCM

Who We Are

As an advisor and fiduciary, PCM actively creates and manages investment portfolios on a discretionary basis for individual and institutional investors utilizing equity, fixed income, and alternative securities. PCM has developed a practice that caters to the individual needs of clients by delivering customized investment portfolios. Additionally, PCM serves as an investment manager to two funds – a mutual fund and a private fund.

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Investment Philisophy

Success for our clients at Pinnacle Capital Management is a result of our disciplined portfolio construction process. Our portfolios are designed to be broad enough to provide proper diversification so as to reduce undue risks, while individual positions are sufficient enough to have a meaningful impact on the overall return of the portfolio.

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Access to Portfolio Managers

Asset management firms may tout their Portfolio Managers’ expertise. PCM offers direct access to our seasoned and disciplined Portfolio Managers, via telephone or even in person.