Professional Management: Research, Investment Selection, Balancing, and Allocation performed by investment professionals

Fiduciaries: As Fiduciaries, we are legally required to manage client assets in their best interest, not our own.

Client Support: PCM Team members are available to work directly with clients, advisors, or trustees and other key personnel to answer portfolio management, strategy, and operational questions. Our size and location enable our decision-makers to meet and respond to you on all portfolio management, strategy, and operational issues.

PCM as a Single Manager

Primarily Individual Stocks and Bonds

  • Various equity/fixed income Asset Allocations according to agreement with FAs
  • Selection of researched positions
  • Periodic rebalancing

Multi-Manager Portfolio

Single Account Utilizing Third-Party Mutual Funds

  • Various equity/fixed-income Asset Allocations
  • Selection of mutual funds across various sectors seeking best-of-class participation
  • Periodic rebalancing

Broad Asset Allocation

Highly Diversified Utilizing Low-Cost ETFs and Mutual Funds

  • Various equity/fixed-income Asset Allocations
  • Significant level of diversification
  • Selection of ETFs and a few mutual funds
  • Periodic rebalancing
  • P-Core option includes alt. assets to further broaden diversification

Ideal for Clients Who:

  • Prefer individual stocks
  • Prefer a single strategy/approach
  • Want to see all fees in account
  • Wish to take advantage of managing individual stock tax lots

Ideal for Clients Who:

  • Not interested in individual stocks
  • Prefer multiple managers and styles
  • Want diversification
  • Wish for higher-rated managers among various styles

Ideal for Clients Who:

  • Prefer broad diversification
  • Focused on low internal fund fees
  • Focused on capturing broad returns from asset classes as opposed to chasing near term benchmarks

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